Pam's Approach

It’s about the plants... and so much more!

Local-suited & Simple Design

Appropriate Plant Selection

Prioritize Water Conservation

Respect the Ecosystem

Easy to Maintain

Pam’s emphasis on simple, locally-suited design and appropriate plant selection results in landscapes that are easy to maintain, prioritize water conservation and respect the ecosystem.

To achieve this, she educates clients and gardeners in gardening methods ranging from soil improvement to irrigation and pruning, while always keeping ease of garden maintenance and open communication in mind.

Pam’s Service

Landscape consulting and management

Management Services

Pam’s management services entail regular visits to existing gardens over a set period of time. This service is tailored for people who need help directing their garden’s maintenance and establishing best practices.

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Consulting Services

Pam’s consulting services range from helping clients who just need a few problems solved (for example, improving soil fertility, maximizing the viewshed) to helping them design and implement their own projects, whether large or small.

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About Pam

An experienced, knowledgeable, and professional Plant Nerd

Pam Callaghan is an experienced, knowledgeable and professional “Plant Nerd” who has indulged her lifelong passion for gardens and nature by worked as a horticulturist and landscape consultant for over 45 years.

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Pam lives in Mendocino County and divides her practice between Anderson Valley and South San Mateo County landscapes.

PO Box 22, Yorkville, CA 95494

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